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FULL SHOW: May 5, 2019

The Green New Deal has become a political lightning rod, but 2018 polling showed 8 out of 10 Americans support the underlying ideas.
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" The current data suggests - and certainly the behavior of current candidates for the Democratic nomination strongly suggests - that this will be the first national election where climate change ends up playing a major role." - Ed Maibach, George Mason University

This week on Living Lab Radio:

  • Climate change communication researcher Ed Maibach shares a surprising reality about American attitudes toward the polarized issue - the majority of Americans know climate change is a problem and support solutions like emissions limits, renewable energy research and development, and carbon pricing.
  • Whale entanglement expert Scott Landry explains how new rules under consideration by federal regulators could help endangered North Atlantic right whales.
  • Anna Oposa of Save Philippine Seas sheds light on the threats facing thresher sharks in the Philippines, and says ocean conservation isn't just for environmentalists - it's for everyone.
  • Naturalist David Mizejewski provides practical tips on how to create beautiful gardens that double as functional habitat for wildlife.

Elsa Partan is a producer for Living Lab Radio. She first came to the station in 2002 as an intern and fell in love with radio. She is a graduate of Bryn Mawr College and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. From 2006 to 2009, she covered the state of Wyoming for the NPR member station Wyoming Public Media in Laramie. She was a newspaper reporter at The Mashpee Enterprise from 2010 to 2013. She lives in Falmouth with her husband and two daughters.