humpback whale

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The Trump administration announced plans on Monday to roll back some protections laid out in the Endangered Species Act. The changes include reversals on habitat protections, and removing some safeguards for species that are considered “threatened,” the status below endangered.

Center for Coastal Studies

Last Friday a 40-ton humpback whale was found in Cape Cod Bay entangled with a buoy line around its flukes, unable to swim.

The Marine Animal Entanglement Response Team at the Center for Coastal Studies sprang to action when the call came. In just twenty or so minutes they were at the entanglement site in their 35-foot boat Ibis. Scott Landry, director of the team, said team members used a grappling hook to catch the buoy line.

Using special 30-foot-long tools - essentially very sharp knives on the ends of poles - team members worked to cut the line.

A team of whale experts has disentangled its seventh whale off of Cape Cod this year.

Recreational fishermen east of Chatham saw the nearly 2-year-old humpback wrapped in fishing ropes on Saturday. 

They called for help and stayed with the whale for several hours until rescuers from the Center for Coastal Studies could arrive from Provincetown. 

"Had they not stayed with the whale, there’s no chance we would have found it," the Center's Scott Landry told WCAI.