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For our books show this month, we ask our guests, and listeners, to share their favorite books of the year. From romance to history to whimsy, we visit the literary offerings of 2019 together as the year ends.

Holiday Music

Dec 4, 2019

At this time of year we can be bombarded by Christmas music: it’s on the radio, in stores, and all too often stuck in our heads. If you’re growing weary of the same old songs, but still want to get into the holiday spirit, there are many opportunities for live musical performances. On The Point, we talk with the leaders of the  Cape Symphony and the Cape Cod Chamber Orchestra about the themes in their Holiday performances.


Lucas Thors / Martha's Vineyard Times

A group of middle schoolers on Martha’s Vineyard believe adults aren’t doing enough to protect the environment. Since 2018 they’ve been meeting during every lunch and recess to take matters into their own hands. Their first mission: to ban plastic bottles across the island.  Laurelin Kruse has the story.

Shedding Your Past

Oct 31, 2019

At the age of 14, Adrienne Brodeur was awakened in the middle of the night – her mother, Malabar, giddy with excitement, shared she’d been kissed by her husband’s best friend. She swore Adrienne to secrecy.  At that moment Adrienne not only became her mother’s confidante, she became an accomplice to an affair that went on for years.

Cape Rep Theatre

Cape Rep Theatre in Brewster is perhaps best known for a robust summer schedule of performances in both their indoor and outdoor theaters. But the theater company also has a robust educational component.  Their YoCo and VetCo offer free theater training for youth and veterans that culminate in performances each spring.

Dan Tritle

Thomas Dresser has written a number of books about various aspects of Martha’s Vineyard history- you might call him the Vineyard’s unofficial historian. His latest book tells chronicles the role of Martha’s Vineyard in the history of whaling.  The book is Whaling on Martha's Vineyard.

The Point: Gardening

Aug 21, 2018
Wiki Commons:

August on Cape Cod usually means it's time to harvest tomatoes, but it can also mean blight and diseases that stress plants. WCAI's Kathryn Eident talks with horticulturalist and entomologist Roberta Clark about how gardens are faring across the region, and gets tips on how to get the most out of your vegetables, fruits, and flowers as fall draws near. 

Brian Engles

Falmouth author and musician Brian Engles talks to Mindy Todd about his first novel Wildball, set on Cape Cod. Here's a Link to Black Rose Writing for more information on the book.


According to the ALS Association as many as 30,000 Americans suffer from ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. There is no known cure for this neurodegenerative disorder. As a result, many of those diagnosed are placed in the frightening position of knowing that they only have a few years left to live. We hear the story of a man facing the illness. We also hear why doctors remain positive about prospects to slow down or reverse the progression of ALS.

A conversation from Twenty Summers in Provincetown:  Award-winning playwright J.T. Rogers and longtime foreign correspondent Rajiv Chandrasekaran talk about the intersection of politics, journalism, and art.

In collaboration with Twenty Summers, we air the first in our series of recorded conversations at the Hawthorne Art Barn in Provincetown.  Inspired by Mendelsohn's acclaimed memoir An Odyssey: A Father, a Son, and an Epic, and Cunningham's fictional works that have paid homage to Woolf, Whitman, and even classic fairy tales, the two authors discuss how writers turn consciously to literature itself as a way of broadening their own horizons.

In October of 2015 the El Faro, a U.S. flagged cargo ship, sank in Hurricane Joaquin northeast of the Bahamas.  Despite a seasoned crew, state of the art navigation systems, and advance warning of the storm, the ship went down with without sending out a Mayday and without launching lifeboats.

Dan Tritle

Some of the problems addressed by psychotherapy -- or talk therapy -- include the impact of trauma, specific mental disorders like depression or anxiety, or the death of a loved one.  Psychiatrist Marc Whaley and psychologist Michael Abruzzese share their thoughts on different types of psychotherapy and how human brains have evolved.  WCAI's Mindy Todd hosts.

Single-use plastic bottles have become ubiquitous- not only do we use them for soda and sports drinks, it seems as if plastic water bottles can be found at every meeting, event, cafeteria, and even in our homes.

Cape Cod Chamber Orchestra

The debut of the Cape Cod Chamber Orchestra. We sit down with the founder and conductor of the Cape Cod Chamber Orchestra, Matt Scinto. With a debut performance on April 15, the orchestra hopes to engage younger listeners, musicians, and composers.