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Eve Zuckoff

At the Bourne Integrated Solid Waste Management Facility, everything has its own smell. 

“You get the gas smell, old trash smell, new trash smell, recycling smell,” said Dan Barrett, general manager of the facility. “There's a lot of different smells, and if you've been around long enough, you'll know the difference.” 

Kathryn Eident / WCAI-FM

Ever take a close look inside your fridge? That might be a scary prospect. But, what’s in there? A half-empty pickle jar? A few bottles of beer? Until last year, that glass inside your fridge was destined to come back as another container—as long as you recycled or redeemed it.

Hayley Fager / WCAI


Changes in overseas markets have impacted what gets recycled and how. But when you put a drink can or a metal food container into your blue bin here on Cape Cod, there’s a good chance that it will be recycled into another metal product.

How To Be A Better Recycler

Dec 2, 2018
Nearly three-quarters of Americans have access to curbside recycling pick up.
Daniel Lobo,

Recycling: we’ve all been told it’s the right thing to do. But the rules are often confusing, which might explain why Americans think we’re recycling 75 percent of recyclable trash when the actual number is closer to one third.