A Life Remembered


We tell the story of a community member who has passed away, celebrating individuals whose lives made an impact on their family and neighbors.

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Harry Bowen, the Heather King of Cape Cod

Mar 25, 2013

  Harry Bowen was known by many names. But, just maybe, his favorite name might have been, "The Heather King."

"He was the Heather King of Cape Cod," said Roberta Clark of the Barnstable County Cooperative Extension, where Harry Bowen volunteered and shared his love for the low-growing heather plant and its blooms.

"He learned about Heather probably 40 to 50 years ago," she said. "He propagated them for over 35 years, and many of the heather beds on the Cape came from Harry."

Maybe lots of people know there are three verses to the Happy Birthday song. Sarah Rosenberg knew. She knew all three verses, as well as the words to hundreds, perhaps thousands of other songs.

Her family says she probably spent half of her days singing. As a student in New York City, Dan Rosenberg says his mother would study lyric sheets as she road the subway from Washington Heights to Brooklyn College. Broadway musicals and Big Band standards were her favorites.

Nurse Betty Pease, a Life of Caring for Others

Jan 7, 2013

Outspoken and plain speaking, Betty Pease is featured in this month's A Life Remembered.

Roslyn Garfield, Madam Speaker: A Life Remembered

Dec 10, 2012

She can be described in many ways, but Roslyn Garfield was a small town attorney, in one of the smallest of towns. To her credit, she was more interested in helping struggling artists and entangled whales than she was in taking big, pay-day cases from Boston-based developers.

Gloria Sargent Smith

Nov 5, 2012

89-year-old Gloria Sargent Smith of Yarmouthport, died at sunrise on October 5, surrounded by half-read books, works of art, family members and pets.

Beth Schwarzman

Oct 1, 2012

People who were not born on the Cape and Islands but somehow or other come to live here, are often called "washashores." But Beth Schwarzman didn't call herself that. She moved here from California with her young family, but she was no washashore.

John Boyd

Sep 10, 2012

When Nancy Boyd Lennon was a teenager, she used to hide when a certain young man came to visit her father, John Boyd.
Lennon said she and her two sisters were young and immature, and they didn't want to interact with this boy, who was something of a social outcast. He certainly wasn't one of the self-assured, athletic guys her father typically coached at the nearby high school. But this young man would ride his one-speed bicycle some 10 miles to sit with Boyd and listen to old 78 records of the Big Bands of the 30s and 40s.

Daniel Gould

Aug 5, 2012

Daniel Gould built boats. He built telescopes and bicycles. He carved signs and bird decoys. And he crafted musical instruments of all kinds. But mostly he built boats in Arey's Pond boat yard near Pleasant Bay in Orleans.

Rita Killory

Jul 2, 2012

When Judge Robert Terry needed guidance – when he was on the bench at probate and family court in Barnstable, and he needed counsel – he would go to his friends’ Rita and Joe Killory's house, his neighbors in Sandwich. He wouldn’t call; he’d just go. And he’d sit in their living room and ask for their perspective.

“Of course I wouldn’t discuss names or anything like that nature," Terry said, "but especially when it related to issues related to children, I would discuss these things in depth with Rita and Joe, and get their feedback on it, so to speak, which was very helpful to me, you know?”

Even if you never heard Ed Mooney zing an umpire or ask a trivia question, you've almost certainly heard his words. Remember this marketing phrase?

"It's Duncan Hines Delicious!"

Ed Mooney wrote that catchphrase. And that's his son, Ted Mooney, reciting it.

Nathan Crowell

Apr 2, 2012

Audio Pending...

Nobody knows how long a life will be, but at a young age, Nathan Crowell of Sandwich and Mashpee knew his certainly would be shorter than his peers. And that knowledge affected how he lived.

Andrea Taddeo

Mar 5, 2012

Some 200 of Andrea Taddeo's friends came to the Coonamesset Inn in Falmouth last month to sing and tell stories. With their heads hung low they sang the songs Taddeo sang when she was a girl back on Long Island in the 1950s, and into her oldest years living in Falmouth, until she died at home on Feb. 11 from cancer. They sang church songs. "The Hymn of Promise" was one, about new life and resurrection. And "Take My Hand" was another.

Abel Correia

Feb 6, 2012

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In autumn 2003, Scott Price and his son Pat of Nashville, Tennessee, found themselves driving around Hyannis in a rental car looking for good will. The trip was Scott's idea after Pat graduated from college. During the course of a year, they would travel to all 50 states and interview people about the good things in their lives.