Mindy Todd

Managing Director of Editorial, "The Point" Host and Producer

Mindy Todd is the host and producer of The Point on WCAI which examines critical issues for Cape Cod and the Islands. She brings more than 30 years of experience in radio and television to WCAI. After starting her broadcasting career as a midday DJ at WARE in Ware, Massachusetts, she quickly advanced to host of the morning drive show, which in 1981, made her one of the few women in broadcasting to anchor her own morning show. Her career has covered nearly all aspects of broadcasting.  She has been a radio disc jockey, a traffic reporter, a television news anchor and reporter, a program director, talk show host, and even a ski reporter. Her television work brought her to White River Junction, VT, Portland, ME, Indianapolis, IN and Nashville, TN.  Mindy also worked at radio stations in West Palm Beach, FL, Hartford, CT, Boston, MA and Lebanon, NH.   She has received numerous awards, most recently her 5th National PRNDI (Public Radio News Directors Incorporated) award for best Call-in program and best Interview.

In February 2012 Mindy was named Managing Director of Editorial.

Mindy sits on the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s Sea Grant Marine Outreach Guidance Group, Marine Biological Laboratories Falmouth Forum Fundraising Committee, NOAH Telethon Steering Committee,  the Falmouth Fund, the Turkey Land Cove Foundation on Martha’s Vineyard and is a member of the board of directors at The ARC of Cape Cod.

Ways to Connect

A. Vince

On the monthly Gardening program, horticulturist Roberta Clark joins our host Mindy Todd to catch up on everything happening in the world of plants. We hear about crops that did well, and also this season's challenges. We hear some tips about fall cleanup and ways to support the diversity of pollinators and many beneficial creatures that live in the less tended areas. We also discuss rats and other undesirable garden visitors.  We'll hear from Roberta again in the spring! 

Dogs Enjoy Life

Sep 13, 2018

Dr. Alice Weiss is a veterinarian and pet advice columnist who helps people navigate the joys and challenges of pet ownership. She’s also the creator of DOGSENJOYLIFE on Twitter and Instagram. Alice joins us on The Point for a fun and informative hour of dog stories, and takes questions about the health and well being of your animal.


Nantucket Historical Association nha.org

It might be easier to list the differences between Alaska and Nantucket than what the two places have in common. One is a small Island off the New England Coast the other a large territory comprised of vast wilderness and island chains. And the differences don’t stop with geography. Their history, economies and culture are also quite different. Yet Crocker Snow Jr. sees deeper and profound commonalities between the two places. He put his observations into a book titled Nantaska, the Minnow and the Whale, the Curious Parallel Lives of Nantucket and Alaska.

Project Fire

Sep 12, 2018
Mindy Todd

Steven Raichlen has a new TV series Project Fire, an exploration of how we grill today and how we will grill and smoke tomorrow. The Point's Mindy Todd and Amy Vince joined Steven for some innovative and delicious live fire cooking at his home on Chappaquiddick island. 

wikimedia commons

Numerous books have been written about the Cuban Missile Crisis; by both historians and those who had first-hand knowledge of the people and events that took place. One aspect of the events leading up to the crisis that hasn’t gotten much attention is the story of the U-2 pilots who were performing top secret surveillance flights of Cuba.


In October of 2015 the El Faro, a U.S. flagged cargo ship, sank in Hurricane Joaquin northeast of the Bahamas. Despite a seasoned crew, state of the art navigation systems, and advance warning of the storm, the ship went down with without sending out a Mayday and without launching lifeboats.

The Black Iris Project

Aug 30, 2018

 The Black Iris Project is a ballet collaborative creating new ballet works celebrating diversity and black history. They’ll be performing on the Vineyard as part of the Vineyard Arts Project. On The Point, we talk with Jeremy McQueen, choreographer with The Black Iris Project. Mindy Todd hosts.

J. Junker

  The US Coast Guard flight crews stationed on Cape Cod are at the ready 24 / 7 to respond to vessels in distress from New York City to the border of Canada. In this special re-broadcast, we talk with Coast Guard pilots, flight mechanics and rescue swimmers about their work, and tag along on a helicopter training flight to see them in action. We also hear the story of a woman who was rescued 300 miles offshore by a Coast Guard Helicopter crew in Hurricane Grace.


Cape Cod and the Islands are hot spots for Lyme disease. 2017 data from the State Department of Public Health showed Dukes County leading the state in Lyme disease, followed by Berkshire and Plymouth counties, Nantucket 4th, and Barnstable ranked 6th. On The Point, we discuss how Lyme disease affects the body, why it can be difficult to diagnose, and the toll chronic Lyme takes on psychological and physical health. We’ll also talk with researchers about their work tracking the spread of the disease. 

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What are some of the reasons athletes use drugs? How is doping different from other technological advances we see being adopted in sport? What impact does doping have on young athletes? On The Point, Thomas Murray joins us to discuss these and related topics. His new book is titled Good Sport: Why our Games Matter and How Doping Undermines Them.Mindy Todd hosts. For more information on this topic, see the U.S.


On The Point, we talk about WCAI's collaboration with the Groundtruth Project, which is a non-partisan non-profit news organization dedicated to supporting the next generation of journalists.  Founder and executive director of the Groundtruth Project Charles Sennott joins us along with our two Groundtruth fellows, Samantha Fields and Pien Huang, and WCAI news director Steve Junker. Mindy Todd hosts.  

photo by Dan Tritle

Depression.  The cause is believed to be a combination of  genetic, environmental, and psychological factors.  Who's at risk?  We discuss the topic, as well as treatments such as TMS, transcranial magnetic stimulation, a non-invasive procedure which uses magnetic fields to stimulate the brain.

A. Rives McGinley

Shorebird populations are on the decline, and species that nest in the Arctic are among the most affected.  On the Point, ornithologist Mark Faherty talks about shorebirds, the diet of a Great Blue Heron, and other news from the birding world.  Mark is science coordinator at Mass Audubon's Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.


Twice a year students from around the country descend on Woods Hole for an nine-week intensive training in radio storytelling and production. It’s the Transom Story Workshop and has helped shaped the next generation of public radio producers. On The Point, we talk with Transom's lead instructor Rob Rosenthal, and hear some of the pieces produced by students in the spring class.


It’s been 30 years since Hurricane Bob hit Cape Cod, and many meteorologists believe it’s only a matter of time before another hurricane impacts South Eastern New England. WCAI and the Cape Cod Times are collaborating on an extensive series that asks the question “Are We Ready?” On The Point, we talk with editors and reporters from the series, and discuss how we as a region and as individuals can prepare.