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Studies That Cause Confusion: 'Don't Eat Red Meat. Never Mind, Go Ahead'

Michelle@TNS, https://tinyurl.com/y2j54uub

For years, the advice has been the same – for a healthy heart, eat less red meat. And then, two weeks ago, an international panel of scientists released a review of the science that they said overturned the prevailing wisdom. In fact, they said it was based on poor-quality science and that eating red meat didn’t make a significant difference.

That study has garnered lots of headlines and sparked plenty of criticism and controversy. Scott Lear says that high-profile disagreement and conflicting advice could do more harm than any specific recommendation.

Lear is professor and chair of cardiovascular prevention research at Simon Fraser University, and he wrote about the perils of flip-flopping nutrition science for TheConversation.com.

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