Mindy Todd

Managing Director of Editorial, "The Point" Host and Producer

Mindy Todd is the host and producer of The Point on WCAI which examines critical issues for Cape Cod and the Islands. She brings more than 30 years of experience in radio and television to WCAI. After starting her broadcasting career as a midday DJ at WARE in Ware, Massachusetts, she quickly advanced to host of the morning drive show, which in 1981, made her one of the few women in broadcasting to anchor her own morning show. Her career has covered nearly all aspects of broadcasting.  She has been a radio disc jockey, a traffic reporter, a television news anchor and reporter, a program director, talk show host, and even a ski reporter. Her television work brought her to White River Junction, VT, Portland, ME, Indianapolis, IN and Nashville, TN.  Mindy also worked at radio stations in West Palm Beach, FL, Hartford, CT, Boston, MA and Lebanon, NH.   She has received numerous awards, most recently her 5th National PRNDI (Public Radio News Directors Incorporated) award for best Call-in program and best Interview.

In February 2012 Mindy was named Managing Director of Editorial.

Mindy sits on the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s Sea Grant Marine Outreach Guidance Group, Marine Biological Laboratories Falmouth Forum Fundraising Committee, NOAH Telethon Steering Committee,  the Falmouth Fund, the Turkey Land Cove Foundation on Martha’s Vineyard and is a member of the board of directors at The ARC of Cape Cod.

Ways to Connect


It’s been five years since the Hawthorne Art Barn in Provincetown was saved: the non profit group Twenty Summers renovated the barn so it could once again serve as a venue and inspiration for art and artists. Next month, we continue our tradition of airing several of the events taking place in the Barn, but today we discuss the expansion of the Twenty Summers program. Joining us is Joshua Prager, one of the program's founders, along with Executive Director Camille Ives-Beck.


Art in public spaces is a growing trend and we’ve seen a number of installations across our region. The Mid Cape Cultural Council hopes to bring a new public art initiative to downtown Hyannis. Joining us to discuss the value of public art and the proposed project is Rachel Youngling, the treasurer of the Mid-Cape Cultural Council,  and artist Mary-Ann Agresti.




Mezzo Soprano Andrea Baker has performed in opera houses around the world playing title roles in many different productions. She’s returning to the States and Cape Cod with her new program titled Sing Sistah Sing. Find info here on her June 2nd performance coming up at Cotuit Center For The Arts


Eileen Counihan

Diana Di Gioia is a Cape Cod-based singer-songwriter.  Her sound combines blues, rock, and country with lyrics that are poignant, funny and at times, self deprecating. The combination keeps your attention. Her latest album is Nevermore. We talk with Di Gioia about her career and inspirations. 

Cape Conservatory

Children aren’t the typical classical music audience, but there are many wonderful pieces that can engage children and help foster an appreciation for complex and beautiful instrumentation. The Falmouth Chamber Players Orchestra will present "Musical Menagerie" with the Cape Conservatory, a concert experience for adults and children alike. 

J. Junker

Have you ever dreamed of taking a dive into the deep aboard a submersible? Michelle Cusolito’s new book Flying Deep takes readers two miles below the sea and introduces them to the creatures and features found there. On The Point, we talk with Michelle Cusolito and Alvin Pilot Bruce Strickrott about the wonders of the Alvin and the deep sea environment. 


Dan Tritle

Some of the problems addressed by psychotherapy -- or talk therapy -- include the impact of trauma, specific mental disorders like depression or anxiety, or the death of a loved one.  Psychiatrist Marc Whaley and psychologist Michael Abruzzese share their thoughts on different types of psychotherapy and how human brains have evolved.  WCAI's Mindy Todd hosts.

J. Junker

On The Point's horticultural program for the glorious month of May, when fresh new growth looks perfect, we discuss the season's chief delights and challenges, with Roberta Clark and Mindy Todd. With listeners from around the region, we explore soil quality, insect-friendly garden and landscape practices, favorite plant stars of springtime, how to care for them, and much more.


Cape Wildlife Center is a non-profit veterinary clinic dedicated to the treatment, rehabilitation, and release of sick and injured animals. We talk with Zak Mertz, executive director of the Center; and Dr. Priva Patel, Cape Wildlife Center veterinarian, about their work and the snowy owl they are currently treating.

J. Junker

Humans are fascinated by animals, and we’ve long sought to understand their life cycles and behaviors. Despite our interest, we also have a long history of developing bizarre theories to explain what we don’t understand about animals, misinterpreting animal behaviors, and allowing centuries old myths to influence our thinking about specific species.

Research shows teens are more likely to relapse into substance use when experiencing social pressures than adults. Recovery Build is an alternative peer group for teens with substance use challenges, helping them create a sober lifestyle. The program includes both fun social activities as well as clinical counseling and recovery coaches.

Youth Homelessness

May 9, 2018

The number of homeless students in Massachusetts is steadily rising. What are the social, emotional, and academic implications of being homeless, and how can we better support those youth?  On The Point, we talk with members of the Youth Outreach and Hospitality Collaborative about the issue. 

Bird News for May

May 8, 2018

On The Point, it's the monthly Bird News program, with ornithologist Mark Faherty from Wellflleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. We hear about the arrival of favorite spring migrants, such as hummingbirds, and what flowers they like best. Many birds are raising their chicks at this time, and others are still making their way North to breed. We hear from callers throughout our region with bird questions, stories and comments. Mindy Todd hosts.

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 A lot has changed since the canal bridges were built in 1933. Our population has increased, summer tourism has grown, and more people commute daily on and off the Cape. This increased traffic, combined with maintenance requirements for the bridges and limited roadway capacity feeding the bridges, is creating historic traffic backups. On The Point, we discuss some of the challenges and potential solutions for easing traffic around and over the cape Cod Canal. 

In The Shadow of Extinction, we discuss WCAI’s ongoing series about the plight of the North Atlantic Right Whale, and efforts to save the species.