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Saltwater Fly Fishing: 'There's Nothing Quite Like That Feeling.'

Jack Gartside's Beastmaster fly
Nils Rinaldi
Jack Gartside's Beastmaster fly

Fishing is about connection: with the tide, with the weather, with every nudge and hint nature offers toward the unseen. And if you want a direct connection with the fish itself, nothing beats holding the line in your hand as a fish takes the fly.

This week on The Fishing News, Kevin Blinkoff of On The Water magazine talks about fly fishing Cape Cod waters: how to get started, and what makes it so special.

And we've got a roundup of local action, including news on the bluefin tuna bite turning on.

It's all in just 4 minutes. Give it a listen.

Steve is Managing Editor of News. He came to WCAI in 2007. He also hosts the weekly News Roundup on Friday mornings and produces The Fishing News.