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Better than the past few years: anglers hopeful after a strong season for striped bass

S Junker

Striped bass are the yardstick by which Cape Cod fishermen measure the fishing season. Now that we’re heading into the last weekend of September, it's a good moment to look back and “size up” this year's fishing.

Kevin Blinkoff of On The Water joins us as we focus on our iconic fish. The big question for striped bass is always: what’s the state of the fishery? Blinkoff takes stock of the abundant anecdotal data provided by The Striper Cup to assess, in practical terms, the health of the species, and what this year's strong fishing season suggests going forward.

And we talk about the annual event for fishermen happening this weekend: StriperFest.

Give a listen.

Steve is Managing Editor of News. He came to WCAI in 2007. He also hosts the weekly News Roundup on Friday mornings and produces The Fishing News.