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Southern fish species becoming common on Cape Cod

A good-size Northern Kingfish
S Junker
A good-size Northern Kingfish

Our changing climate is bringing new fish species to our region—among them, the Northern Kingfish. Contrary to what the name suggests, this is a fish typically found to the south of us, along the mid-Atlantic and farther south.

Northern Kingfish are a smaller fish, reaching full size around 12" - 14". Look for them on the south side of the Cape in shallow water, along sandy bottoms. You can fish for them as you would for scup: with a piece squid on a smaller hook, with a little weight to bring it to the bottom.

And why should you put in the time going for Northern Kingfish? (Not that anyone needs a reason to go fishing.) Well, Andy Nabreski from On The Water says they're just about the perfect size for making fish tacos. They have a flaky white meat that breads and fries nicely.

Here's a link to Andy's video about catching Northern Kingfish and preparing fish tacos — stick around to the end for his tips on pressing homemade tortillas, too!

And check out the Fishing News audio for more conversation, including a first mention of bonito for the summer. Give it a listen.