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Sarah Peake will not seek reelection

State Rep. Sarah Peake, D-Provincetown, will not seek reelection in November.
State Rep. Sarah Peake, D-Provincetown, will not seek reelection in November.

Longtime Outer Cape state representative Sarah Peake will not run for a tenth term in the House. Peake tells CAI it's time to pass the workload to someone else.

"It's a difficult decision, one that I don't take lightly. I love this work, I love my constituents, I love the Cape, but there's a time when all of us reach the decision that it's time to pass the mantle and let somebody else take over," Peake said.

Peake, a Democrat, plans to be busy in her final year in office, working on passing Governor Maura Healey's housing legislation.

"There's lots of great stuff in that legislation for everybody in Massachusetts, but in particular for us here on the Cape and Islands," she said.

First elected in 2006, Peake rose through the ranks to become the second assistant majority leader in the House.

She has served during the administrations of former Governors Deval Patrick and Charlie Baker and current Governor Maura Healey. She said she's happy that she was able to raise the profile, not only of the 4th Barnstable District, but of all of Cape Cod at the Statehouse.

"Working with my colleagues in the Legislature, members of leadership, rank and file members, there's an understanding of what our needs are, what are economic challenges are, what our housing challenges are, our environmental challenges, but also having their help in crafting effective solutions to those challenges."

Peake served on the Provincetown Select Board before she was elected to the House. She said she was proud to support legislation to allow same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, and to support abortion rights and gun control laws.

Peake said her biggest local accomplishment was helping to pass legislation creating the water protection fund to finance sewer projects across the Cape. The fund allows local towns to assess a surcharge on the motel rooms excise tax, with the funds going toward water protection efforts.

Peake said the demands of the political calendar caused her to announce her plans to retire ten months before the election, so that potential candidates have enough time to organize their campaigns.

John Basile is the local host of All Things Considered weekday afternoons and a reporter.