Reflections on a Pandemic: Mary Acunzo

Apr 27, 2020

Over the past few weeks we reached out across our region to people from all walks of life. We asked them to share their thoughts as they navigate through the pandemic.


Here is one of the essays featured on our Reflections on a Pandemic episode of The Point.




“The Storm” 


The storm arrived with plenty of warning. 

Alecia Orsini

Many businesses are finding ways to adapt to stay open during the coronavirus pandemic. In Provincetown, owners of “The Canteen” Rob Anderson and Loic Rossignon have converted the restaurant space to serve take out but also act as a grocery store on Commercial street.

Rob takes WCAI on a tour of the restaurant to show how they have converted their space.

The Point's New Book Club

Apr 13, 2020

Over the next year we’re teaming up with a different town library to select and discuss a book for The Point On Air Book Club.

Poetry Sunday: Justen Ahren

Apr 12, 2020

Justen Ahren reads his poem, "Quarantine."

The Forgetting, A Special Edition: Dementia In The Age of Coronavirus

Recorded March 27, 2020

The world is getting a sense of the isolation, frustration and fear that Alzheimer patients and the people who care for them live with every day. David and Greg discuss how everyone’s lives have changed during this pandemic in this Special Edition of The Forgetting. Their hope is that people can develop a better understanding and empathy for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia from this shared experience.

Lorna Knowles Blake reads her poem, "Seasonal Aubade."

Alecia Orsini

  Gov. Charlie Baker is ordering all nonessential businesses to close tomorrow at noon until April 7th, but there is no shelter-in-place order for private citizens.

Coronavirus Resources

Mar 19, 2020

Here you’ll find a list of coronavirus resources for residents of The Cape, South Coast, and Islands. 

Jennette Barnes

Continuing coverage of coronavirus impact on Cape Cod.

Here you'll find our latest updates.

WCAI Pub Nights Postponed

Mar 13, 2020

Thank you for your interest in WCAI's Trivia Pub Nights. Because of the current uncertainties related to the coronavirus, we are going to postpone our events in the interests of the health and well-being of everyone in our community. 

Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to resuming the WCAI Trivia Pub Night series in the future.

Poetry Sunday: Leslie Paolucci

Mar 8, 2020

Leslie Paolucci reads her poem, "Tarpaulin Cove."


On The Point, a conversation with democrat Becky Coletta, candidate for the Plymouth Barnstable State Senate Seat. Mindy Todd and Steve Junker host this interview, which is part of our series of candidate interviews. 

Poetry Sunday: Al Starkey

Feb 16, 2020

Al Starkey reads his poem, "When the Bow Breaks."

Sarah Mizes-Tan / WCAI

Cape Cod's population is aging, at the same time the region has fewer and fewer working professionals to take care of the elderly. That shortage has been a factor in a number of nursing homes closing on the Cape and South Coast earlier this year. The backbone of nursing home staffing is certified nursing assistants, or CNAs.

We decided to cover this story in two parts.

In our first story, which aired October 1, 2019, we look at a creative approach by a company called Cape Cod Nursing Home. It offers a free in-house nursing assistant training program with a job afterward. 

Following the Path of Cape Cod's Recycling

Disruptions to international recycling markets have been widely reported, leading many to wonder how well our local recycling is working. 

Our series examines the four major household recycling streams – cans, glass, paper, and plastic – to discover how much of what we toss into the big blue bin is really being recycled, and at what cost.  

The Forgetting: Inside the Mind of Alzheimer’s is WCAI’s podcast entirely focused on Alzheimer’s disease. The twice-monthly podcast is co-hosted by two well-respected Alzheimer’s experts, David Shenk and Greg O’Brien.

O’Brien was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease in 2009, at age 59. The podcast highlights the friendship of Shenk and O’Brien, while documenting O’Brien’s experience as the disease symptoms become more pronounced.


The first report of a tornado touching down on Cape Cod came shortly after noon on Tuesday, July 23, 2019  – a natural disaster striking with no warning at the height of the summer tourist season.

By 1pm our reporter was on the scene in Yarmouth, where the tornado had torn off a portion of a hotel roof.  

Tisbury School third-graders on Martha's Vineyard wrote Valentines as a library assignment, and we were fortunate to be able to record them. Some of the students also sent us their graphics. See them below. 

L Lerner

As part of WCAI's election coverage, The Point will interview candidates for the Plymouth & Barnstable District state Senate seat vacated by Viriato “Vinny” deMacedo.


The following candidates will be in the studio with Mindy Todd during The Point's 3rd segment which starts at 9:38am. The replay will be at 7:38pm on the same day.  

Poetry Sunday: Kim M. Baker

Jan 19, 2020

Kim Baker reads her poem, "Posers."  

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day we bring you reflections of several King scholars on his life, work, and how his speeches and sermons influenced political and social spheres of America. We also talk with musician Damien Sneed about his musical and spoken tribute to Dr. King titled We Shall Overcome. His national tour of the performance comes to New Bedford on Monday. 

Sarah Mizes-Tan

Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant in Plymouth Massachusetts was one of the worst-performing plants in the country before it shut down in May of 2019. The plant was cited numerous times in the years leading up to the shutdown, prompting WCAI to increase its ongoing coverage and follow the shutdown process in a series of spots, two-ways and features with plant and government officials, nuclear watchdogs and others.

Links to WCAI web articles on the closing of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station are below. 

J. Junker

2019 has been a year of climate rising. Youth activists skipped school and took to the streets, the Green New Deal thrust climate equity into the spotlight, and presidential candidates were forced to respond. Democrats are competing on climate policies more than ever before. Even a few Republicans dared to suggest climate is a concern that needs to be addressed.

Has it been a rough year? Did you put all of your savings into Bill De Blasio's presidential campaign? Did you get a haircut from Boris Johnson's barber? Did you take a job as a public relations spokesperson for Rudy Guiliani? What better time to laugh at politics than now, with election season gearing up? After all, the Capitol Steps won't tell you any actual useful information, but they will tell you what rhymes with Pete Buttigieg.




Produce, consume, discard; we all know the routine. Raw materials are extracted, produced into goods, and used, sometimes only once, before turning into waste. Maybe we think that recycling that Starbucks cup or Smartwater bottle is the best we can do for the planet. But that’s only one part of the story. Now, innovative companies are “going circular” by transforming how their products are designed, used, and remade.