Bluefish Arrive (at Last) in Big Numbers | CAI

Bluefish Arrive (at Last) in Big Numbers

Aug 31, 2018

Just one month ago, a lot of local fishermen were scratching their heads and wondering where the bluefish were. We had gone deep into the season without seeing these voracious fish in any numbers. Well, guess what. If you're heading out this weekend, you may be lucky if you don't run into bluefish. Now they seem to be everywhere. 

On The Fishing News, Kevin Blinkoff, of On The Water magazine, discusses that perennial go-to catch, the bluefish. It gets a bad rap from lots of quarters -- they're what you catch when you're trying to catch something else, they're not good enough eating -- but we're fans of the blues, and we've got tips for making sure your bluefish tastes good when it hits the plate (it all starts as soon as you land it). We also round up all the local fishing action. Give it a listen.