Looking Skyward: Black Hole, A Retrieval, and Meteoroids

Apr 18, 2019

An example of a Martian meteorite. Designated Northwest Africa (NWA) 7034, and nicknamed "Black Beauty," this meteorite weighs approximately 11 ounces.


Learn more about what's going on in the world of astronomy as WCAI's "All Things Considered" host Brian Morris speaks with Dr. Regina Jorgenson, Director of Astronomy at the Maria Mitchell Association on Nantucket.


Topics include:

Scientists pull off the nearly impossible feat of capturing the first image of a black hole using a technique known  as “interferometry.”

The big question 50 years after the first Apollo lunar landing: Should we go back and retrieve bags of poop the astronauts left on the moon?

Meteoroids hitting the surface of the moon shoot off streams of water vapor into the lunar “exosphere.”