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WCAI brings you original in-depth reporting on issues facing the Cape, Islands, and South Coast: Wind Turbines, Education, Water Quality, Alzheimer's, and more.Stories on this page have been tagged as "Series Reporting."Click here for a list of all WCAI's series reporting.Many of our series have won awards. A full list is on our Awards page.

Desperate for a Cure: the Search for New Alzheimer's Treatments

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WCAI presents an original reporting series, "Desperate for a Cure: The Search for New Alzheimer's Treatments." In the 5-part series (links below), senior reporter and editor Sean Corcoran looks at some of the most recent innovations related to finding a cure or preventative for the disease, traveling to labs in San Diego, Boston, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and New York City.

"We've been working to identify some of the most cutting-edge researchers - the folks who may have the best chance to find a cure, a preventative or even an early diagnostic for the disease," Corcoran said. "So for the past few months we've been visiting their labs to learn about the work they're doing."

During the past five years, Corcoran has reported extensively on Alzheimer's disease. His award-winning 2-part report, "Venture Philanthropy: An Investor's Approach to Curing Alzheimer's," examined the funding of dementia research. His award-winning 5-part series, "Facing Alzheimer's: The Caregivers' Challenge," focused on the plight of those who find themselves taking care of people suffering with Alzheimer's disease.

"There are thousands upon thousands of people hoping and praying for a cure for this memory-stealing, or even soul-stealing disease," Corcoran said. "People are working hard on this, because everyone seems to agree that a cure must be found, or at least new, better-working therapies developed, because the disease threatens to bankrupt our entire healthcare system."

The series is made possible by an anonymous grant in support of WCAI's Alzheimer's reporting