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CAI wins 7 national radio awards

At a conference in San Antonio this past weekend, the Public Media Journalists Association (PMJA) recognized CAI with seven awards for its news coverage.

The awards were for pieces broadcast in 2022.

"These awards represent the hard work and high quality journalism CAI strives to bring to the Cape region every day," said Steve Junker, CAI's Managing Editor for News. "From the environment to questions of equity, the issues we're covering today are instrumental in shaping the future of Cape Cod."

The winning pieces are:

Audio Scripting
First Place - “Threatened toads defy odds, appear to make a comeback in Falmouth,” reported by Eve Zuckoff.

Breaking News 
First Place - “Migrants landed unannounced on Martha's Vineyard; island mobilizes to help as a national story grows”

Second Place - “Gay and proud,” by Natalie Mariano

Continuing Coverage 
Second Place - “Proposed discharge of one million gallons of radioactive water galvanizes community opposition,” reported by Jennette Barnes.

First Place - “'Old Ladies' dive into Cape ponds seeking trash, emerge triumphant,” reported by Eve Zuckoff.

Spot News 
First Place - “Migrant group sheltering on Martha's Vineyard moves to Joint Base Cape Cod,” reported by Eve Zuckoff.

Use of Sound 
Second Place - “Big guns: A machine gun range in Vermont shows what might be coming for Cape Cod,” reported by Eve Zuckoff.

The full list of 2023 PMJA winners is here: https://www.pmja.org/news/2023-award-winners