The Premium 5-gallon Bucket: Anglers, Would You Pay $40? $119?

Jul 21, 2017

The five-gallon bucket is a staple for most fishermen. It can haul tackle, bait, and your catch. For most anglers, it's a repurposed item, castoff from a jobsite. Actually purchasing a bucket from a hardware store for a few dollars? What luxury, what self-indulgence.

A couple of companies now want to change these age-old rules. They're introducing a new category to fishing accessories: the premium five-gallon bucket.   

Yeti wants to sell you a bucket for $39.99. And Huck Performance Buckets wants to sell you theirs for $119.

So now you've lived to see it: the five-gallon bucket rebranded as a status symbol. 

The new buckets were the talk of the sportfishing trade show ICAST, which is held in Orlando, Florida, each July. Kevin Blinkoff, of On the Water magazine, attended this year's show. He talks about the buckets, and about a new fishing lure shaped like a bat, designed to entice large-mouthed bass.  

We've also got the fishing roundup, including the phenomenal week just past at the Cape Cod Canal (40 and 50+ pounders landed), and the offshore bite lighting up south of the Vineyard, with yellowfin, bluefin, and mahi-mahi. Give it a listen.