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WCAI Wins 2017 Gabriel Award

WCAI has won a 2017 Gabriel Award for its series, “Our Mortal Lives: Confronting Death and Dying.” This five-part series explores how residents on Cape Cod, the South Coast, and Islands cope with end-of-life issues: how is death handled here, how is it changing, and what are our choices?

The Gabriel Awards are presented by the Catholic Broadcasters Association, to “recognize outstanding artistic achievement in a television or radio program or series which entertains and enriches with a true vision of humanity and a true vision of life.”

The stories reported in the series are:

·      Living with Dying: Local Man Comes to Terms with His Incurable Illness, reported by Kathryn Eident.

·      Addressing the Stigma: Local Efforts Help Cape Codders Talk About Aging and Dying, reported by Kathryn Eident.

·      No Time for Goodbyes: Drug Overdose Deaths Carry Stigma, reported by Sean Corcoran.

·      Hospice: A Service That's Often Misunderstood and Under-used at End of Life, Kathryn Eident.

·      A Funeral Home Might Make Nantucket Feel More Like Home, reported by Elsa Partan.

All the stories in this series, along with related coverage, can be heard here

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