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Slot Limit for Striped Bass a Key to Plan for Rebuilding the Species

S Junker

Welcome to another season of The Fishing News. This week, we talk with Kevin Blinkoff of On The Water magazine about the regulations in place for striped bass.

The species is now recognized as overfished. Two key provisions for recreational fishermen have been enacted to help the striped bass population rebuild.

The first is the slot limit. For the second year, Massachusetts anglers are fishing under a slot limit. A fisherman may keep one bass a day between 28" and 35".

The second provision is the use of circle hooks when fishing live bait. Circle hooks help reduce mortality in catch-and-release.

We talk about why these two rules are so important in trying to rebuild the species. And we've got the fishing roundup, including where to find bigger bass, and good news for the bluefish bite.

All in just about four minutes! Give it a listen.