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Many Reasons to Consider Freshwater Fishing on Cape Cod

Jul 5, 2013

Freshwater fishing on Cape Cod is often overlooked, but it offers much to enjoy.
Credit Holly Ladd / flickr

Yes, it was windy this week - too windy for many fishermen to get out casting in the surf or on a boat. But wait, there's more to Cape Cod fishing than saltwater! Consider your freshwater options.    

Because saltwater fishing garners so much attention, the Cape's freshwater angling gets much less pressure. If you're looking for a pond to fish, the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game website is a great resource.  It has maps, showing access points and depths for many ponds. The larger ponds may accommodate trailered power boats. If it's quiet and solitude you're after, plenty of smaller ponds are suited to canoe or kayak fishing. Check at a tackle shop for suggestions for out-of-the-way or overlooked small ponds. 

Kevin Blinkoff of On The Water magazine suggests targeting largemouth bass. Sunfish and perch are also an option, and sure to excite young anglers. A pond fishing set-up can be as simple as bobber-and-worm, or the more challenging fly fishing.


Persistent winds have made for fewer reports. Trolling for bluefin tuna off the backside of the Cape continues to produce results. Cape Cod Bay, being somewhat more sheltered this past week, has been seeing striped bass action. And if you are a shore angler looking to enjoy some fishing, early morning and after sunset in a protected inlet or harbor would make a good bet for finding schoolies. Mosquitos are likely to find you, so pack your bug spray!

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