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Why June is the "Goldilocks" Month for Inshore Fishing

Jun 5, 2015

 Yes, it's been cool. And yes, that wind has been blowing a lot these days.

But even if these aren't the beautiful days of summer boating (think jewel-like July or sultry August), we are into the very best time of year for inshore fishing.

A lot of it has to do with water temperature. As Kevin Blinkoff, of On The Water magazine, puts it, June is the Goldilocks month for inshore water temperature: not too warm, and not too cool. The migrating fish are arriving as the water loses its winter chill - but water temperatures haven't gotten up to those mid-summer bath-like highs that will drive the fish back offshore. 

Also on the plus side, the stripers and bluefish coming into are waters are hungry. Which means they're aggressive. It's a great time of year for top-water action.When a keeper bass smacks at your popper - once - twice - and then it's on - that's June.

It's also a great moment for bottom fishing for sea bass.  The season just opened (May 23), and there are plenty of good-sized fish around (14 inches minimum).

Steve Junker and Kevin Blinkoff discuss the fine points of June fishing, and round up the striped bass action, in this week's Fishing News. Audio is posted above - give it a listen.