Cape Cod Canal Fishing 'Phenomenal' as Big Striped Bass Chase Abundant Bait

Aug 25, 2017

It’s that great moment in August when bait is plentiful in the water and bonito are appearing. Big bass are in the Canal, bluefish are in Buzzards Bay, and we are even hearing reports of that unusual visitor, juvenile king mackerel. Here's this week's Fishing News.

The new moon that coincided with Monday's solar eclipse brought big tides. Those big tides have have pushed plenty of bait through the Cape Cod Canal.  Kevin Blinkoff, of On The Water magazine, said the result this week was "phenonemal" fishing.  

"You had small peanut bunker in the Canal, you had mackerel feeding on the peanut bunker, and then big bass feeding on the mackerel," Blinkoff said.

Many fishermen say its the best fishing they can remember, in terms of quantity and quality.  "I would say hundreds of fish caught in the 30lb class," Blinkoff said. "There have been many 40-pounders, and at least two confirmed 50-pounders."

We've got more on the Canal action, plus bonito details, in the Fishing News above. Give it a listen.