Choose Your Approach to Fishing Bluefin Tuna

Aug 4, 2017

We can admit it.  We're a bit spoiled for choices when it comes to fishing for bluefin tuna. 

Bluefin are the charismatic tuna species in our waters.  They're the biggest tuna we see, ranging from 30-lb juveniles all the way up to 800-lb giants. In our region they arrive in June and stay around until November.

There are generally three different ways to catch tuna from Cape Cod: live bait, trolling, or casting.

And there are three main areas to go for bluefin: east of Chatham, up on Stellwagen Bank and around Provincetown, and south of Martha's Vineyard.

Bluefin are a strictly managed species and tightly regulated.  

"With the U.S. bluefin tuna fishery, I would say it is a sustainable fishery," Kevin Blinkoff, of On the Water magazine, said. In addition to pointing out how tightly managed are the stocks, and how closely regulated the fisheries, both recreational and commercial, Blinkoff also noted a recent study about catch-and-release survival rates for bluefin tuna.  "That found that even using light spinning gear, there are pretty good survival rates. Most bluefin that are caught and released quickly will swim and live on to fight another day." 

You can hear our conversation about the different approaches, and the difference locations, for bluefin fishing, in the Fishing News below. We also round up the local fishing action.  That's all in just 4 minutes. Give it a listen.