Summer Flounder: Catch Them Fresh and You Don't Even Need to Cook Them

Jul 28, 2017

As we head into August and warmer waters, fishermen's thoughts turn to that delicious bottom-dwelling oddity, summer flounder.

Also known as fluke, summer flounder are a flatfish, with both eyes located on one side of their heads. This anomaly allows them to lie flat on the sea bottom while watching out for passing tasty bits to eat. But they aren't born that way. They begin life looking much more normal.

"When fluke are born, they look a lot like a regular fish," says Kevin Blinkoff, of On The Water magazine. "Then, when they're very small, they go through metamorphosis. Both eyes move to one side of the head, and they take on that typical flattened shape of a flounder."

We talk about fluke—where to find them, and how to fish them—in this week's Fishing News. Blinkoff also reveals his tips for serving them crudo, in the Italian style, which is as simple, elegant, and tasty a way to eat summer flounder as you'll find anywhere. 

Also, we round up the local fishing action (big stripers in Cape Cod Bay, marlin offshore, and more). Believe it or not, that's all in just about four minutes. Give it a listen.