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Steve is Managing Editor of News. He came to WCAI in 2007. He also hosts the weekly News Roundup on Friday mornings, and produces The Fishing News and Weekend Outlook.

A writer, a fisherman, an occasional boat builder, a recovering musician, a longtime chicken rancher, a beekeeper... Steve keeps busy in Woods Hole, where he lives with his wife and two children.


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Lots to do this weekend on Cape Cod and the Islands. At the Payomet Performing Arts Center in Truro, the Jumpin Jambalaya Jam brings music, dance and food on Saturday, with an afternoon program geared for children and evening events for adults. The Martha’s Vineyard Film Society is sponsoring a three-day festival of music-related films and fun activities.

Put away that heavy trolling gear. A new generation of spinning reels make it possible to fish for tuna similar to fishing for striped bass, by casting lures. The place to head to do it right now is the backside of Cape Cod, from Monomy up to Chatham, where large groups of 200 - 300lb tuna have been sighted. More info in the audio posted above.

Also this week:

Last week's holiday weekend was mostly a washout, with temperatures in upper 50s - chilly and raw, plenty of rain and wind. Now, what a difference a week makes! Thanks to a stable and relatively uniform air mass, our above-average warm weather of Thursday and Friday should continue through the weekend. Meteorologist Phil Burt of notes rain heading our way for Monday, then by mid-week a return to fine weather.

Audio of the complete weather forecast discussion posted above.

Kevin Bryant

While striped bass garner most of the sportsfishing glory this time of year, there is another bass in Cape Cod waters which ought not to be overlooked: the black sea bass. It is a type of grouper - and doesn't it look like it, with its stout body and large mouth? Still, the black sea bass is not without beauty, acquiring bright coloring lines and long tail filaments as it ages. A bottom dweller, it's not hard to catch; try fishing around structure with a bucktail baited with squid.

Ray Sterner

This weekend is busy with great events to explore. The Cape Cod Museum of Art in Dennis offers "Swept Away: Translucence, Transparence and Transcendence in Contemporary Encaustic," featuring of 31 contemporary artists working in encaustic. Two Cape libraries team up to present "History Along Route 6A," a 10-day event.

The good news? The Cape and Islands will not be catching the 40-degree daytime temperatures coming to other parts of Massachusetts. Still, one remembers other Memorial Day weekends, sunny and warm... Not this time! Meteorologist Phil Burt of says weather forecasters have been watching the unseasonably cold system, caused by a dip in the jet stream, making its way toward us, and it's been tricky to gauge just what it means for our weekend forecast. 

Audio of Talking Weather posted above.


No really. If you've got a houseful of guests arriving for the Memorial Day weekend, bluefish may be the way to go. Consider these reasons: this time of year (as opposed to later in the summer) bluefish can be caught from beaches; if you hook up with one, there's likely to be plenty more nearby; and won't your guests be pleased to be eating fish fresh-caught from Cape Cod waters.


Let the holiday weekend begin! Here's a sampling of what's happening: the 9th annual "Troops in the Spotlight - billed as the largest Memorial Day event in New England - starts Sunday morning at Kmart Plaza in Hyannis and goes for 24 hours. Summer concert season is getting started, and the Cape Cod Melody Tent is opening its box office with a line-up of acts from Buddy Guy to Lily Tomlin and more.

The week finishes with fine weather - sunshine, temperatures in the mid-60s. Saturday offers clear skies, Sunday should bring some clouds. And Next week? Meteorologist Phil Burt of forecasts a mix of sun and clouds, with a chance for some rain to sneak in.

Listen to the weather discussion above.

Diane Rome Peebles


For anglers fixated on the arrival of striped bass, cool temperatures slowed the start of this year's fishing - especially when compared to the last few years with their above-average warm spring seasons. But the fish that's caught a lot of attention this spring is an unusual visitor to our waters - the weakfish. The Fishing News looks at the strange historical cycle of weakfish in Cape Cod waters.

Audio of the conversation posted above.

Here's a few weakfish facts:

Provincetown Chamber of Commerce

There's plenty happening this weekend. In Chatham, a public art installation opens, giving kids and adults a way to enjoy the idea of sharks. Provincetown is busy with a Monumental Yard Sale and a celebration of TV. Cape Cod Maritime Days get going.

Lots of great events happening on the Cape and Islands this weekend. On the Outer Cape, the 2nd Cape Cod Women's Music Festival takes over Provincetown Town Hall, with headliners Dwight & Nicole. St.

After 3 years with above-average springtime temperatures for the Cape and Islands, this year we are just about back to normal. No wonder it feels chilly! Meteorologist Phil Burt of explains what's happening, and he forecasts fine weather for the weekend and into next week, thanks to a "stubborn high pressure system."

Audio of Phil Burt's conversation with Steve Junker from All Things Considered posted above.

Going out this weekend? Here's what's happening.

Looking to go out this weekend? Here's a round-up of events to check out.