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My husband’s grandmother kept a big garden for years—roughly 15 by 30 feet, and always filled with beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peas. She passed away a few years ago and the land is still in the family, but over the past few seasons it’s been neglected, and now it’s overgrown.

On The Point, Artistic Director and Conductor at the Cape Symphony Jung Ho Pak talks about their upcoming show that takes disco to a new level. Mindy Todd hosts on The Point. 

In 1856 The sailing vessel John Rutledge left Liverpool on a passage to New York. En route the ship encountered large icebergs and sank. While most of the passengers and crew made it to lifeboats, only person survived the ordeal: Thomas Nye from Fairhaven. On The Point, Mindy Todd talks with Author Brian Murphy about his new book Adrift: A True Story of Tragedy on the Icy Atlantic and the One Who Lived to Tell About It.     

Sean Williams


October is a time when I struggle with the bird report. The risk of producing a rambling, disjointed essay is high, as it feels like everything amazing in the birding world is happening at once. 

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Song of the sea.

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In the wake of the Cape’s first shark fatality, there have been increasing concerns about the seal population and its impact on tourism and the economy of fisheries, which leaves many people wondering: does Cape Cod have a seal problem?

Tragedy struck on Saturday September 15th when 26-year old Arthur Medici from Revere was fatally bitten by a white shark off Newcomb Hollow beach in Wellfleet. Medici was the first shark-bite fatality in Massachusetts since 1936 but the second person this summer to be bitten. On Aug. 15 William Lytton from New York was bitten while swimming at Long Nook Beach in Truro. Today on The Point we look at the safety, economic and natural resource management repercussions from the shark bite fatality. 


Housing Assistance Corporation

Two local nonprofits have teamed up to create a fund that will sponsor housing projects across the Cape.

WCAI's Kathryn Eident talked with Anne Van Vleck of the Housing Assistance Corporation in Hyannis to learn more about the "Housing Legacy Fund" and how people can participate in growing it.  

Golden Hour at Madaket

Oct 2, 2018
Mary Bergman


I was walking out in Madaket, the westernmost end of Nantucket, a few nights ago, when I noticed everything was golden. The sky, of course, with the sun’s last lingering rays. But the beach grass, too, is going to seed. I’m sure it was just yesterday that the grass was a bright, spring green. Now each strand is streaked with golden highlights. 


We’ve often heard that Facebook and Twitter are making it too easy to encase ourselves in bubbles of like-mindedness. We’ve been told that these echo chambers are fueling political polarization and that we should be exposed to differing opinions.

New research shows that idea might be wrong.


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WCAI Sponsors Philanthropy Day on Cape Cod